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General Information

The DRKS does not provide evaluation and expertise of any of the products or therapies.

The information offered is supposed to support the relationship between patient/ users of the website and his physicians but by no means is to be seen as a replacement.

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We use the "weisse Liste", a project run by the Bertelsmann-Stiftung to make medical information accessible to patients and to increase transparency within the health care system, as a reference for the search in our register.

Data privacy statement

In order to further develop our website and for scientific evaluation we will save data on the use of the website (IP address, search terms, frequently used pages) which are then used in an anonymized form for statistical analysis. User data will be processed for internal use only and traceability will not be possible. Recorded data will not be passed on to third parties and will be used for no other than the named purposes.

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Legal disclaimer

The content of this web site was composed and verified very thoroughly. We do not guarantee that information is complete and up-to-date. The German Clinical Trials Register is not responsible for content of external websites. The "responsible person" listed in the trial document is the only person responsible for the information on the trial.

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