Project leader

Professor Dr.rer.nat. Martin Schumacher, mathematician and statistician (Center for Medical Biometry und Medical Informatics of the Medical Center − University of Freiburg)

Project coordination Gabriele Dreier, physician (Clinical Trials Unit / DRKS) (tel.: 0761/270-74400, )
Professor Dr.rer.nat. Gerd Antes, mathematician (German Cochrane Center / DRKS)

Project management (contact for scientific requests)

Dr.rer.medic. Susanne Jena, psychologist (tel.: 0761/ 203-6704, )

Scientific staff

Katharina Kunzweiler, MPH, physiotherapist (tel.: 0761/203-6698, )

Data management (contact for requests regarding entering and editing trial data)

Dieter Batz (tel.: 0761/270-73740, )
Inge Landerer (tel.: 0761/203-6719, )
Helga Jäger (tel.: 0761/203-6698, )

IT specialist (technical support regarding account, password etc.)

Georg Koch (tel.: 0761/203-6710, )

Team assistant (contact for all other requests)

Ute Kszuk, M.A. (tel.: 0761/ 203-6709, )

Scientific advisory board

The project team is supported by a scientific advisory board consisting of representatives of the involved stakeholders.


Dr. med. (medicinae): medicinal doctor
Dr. rer. medic. (rerum medicarum): doctor of medicinal sciences (similar, but not equivalent to a PhD)
Dr. rer. nat. (rerum naturalium): doctor of natural sciences (similar, but not equivalent to a PhD)
M.A. (Magister/Magistra artium): Magister/Magistra of arts
MPH (Master of Public Health): master's degree in the area of health sciences

Last Modified: 03-06-2017